You’re engaged, and it’s time to record your true-love-moments for prosperity. Your engagement  session should be as memorable as the pictures that result from it. You’re enjoying one of the most romantic times of your life, after all, and your images should sing with as much starry-eyed joy as your spirit is. Let’s make sure your pictures pop.

Makeup and Hair

Professional stylists have the talent, passion, and smarts to bring out the natural beauty of their clients. Using one not only makes you look like the Vogue cover star version of yourself, but also adds that extra dash of confidence you need to shine in front of the camera. If your budget is an issue, you don’t need to go without the flourish of a pro. If you’re using a makeup artist and hair stylist for your wedding day, they’ll probably want to have a practice run that comes with the bonus of no price tag attached. Your engagement session is the perfect opportunity to make sure the look they choose works in your pictures as well as in person.

If you need an even more economical option, use a department store stylist. They’ll usually do your makeup for free if you buy one of their products.

Schedule your appointment for at least three hours before you leave for your photo shoot.


Remember that you’re not only dressing for the day, but for images that will remain in your family for decades to come, so your outfits need to be as timeless as your feelings for your fiancée. Focus on classic cuts and colors that compliment your skin tone, body type, and your partner’s outfit. Large motifs, text, and fads will age quickly.

Black, white, and grey tend to look harsh in photographs, so choose colors instead. Patterns work as long as you don’t mix the same scale. If one of you is wearing a large pattern, the other should wear a small one or a solid color.

It’s not what you wear that counts, but how you wear it. Layering and accessorizing can turn a dull outfit into something great. Style it up with heels, dress, or jeans. He’ll look striking in a suit jacket and chinos. For something a little different, consider vintage clothing from the Forties or Fifties.

If you distrust your own fashion sense, take a trip to stores like J. Crew and Nordstrom, where free personal shoppers can apply their skills to your engagement clothing.

Bring a comfy pair of shoes along for your shoot for breaks in-between shoots and just in case you need to do some walking.


Have Fun

Atmosphere and emotions are the two facets that transform great images into epic ones, so have fun on your photo shoot. Engagement sessions are an opportunity to enjoy an exciting day with one another, and the more candid you are, the better your pictures will be. Be natural. Don’t hide your affection or diminish your excitement. It’s when you’re jumping for joy that the most sparkling images will be captured.


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